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🎹 Piano Lessons are a Three Way Commitment 🎹


  • to schedule time each day for playing the piano
  • to do your best during lessons, and tell me when you don’t understand
  • to follow the directions on your assignment sheet to prepare for your next lesson 
  • to bring all your books, assignment notebook, and best attitude to every lesson 
  • to arrive quietly and on time with clean hands (or wash them when you get here) 


  • to provide a quality instrument in tune and good repair with proper lighting, a bench and a metronome
  • to make sure your child is undisturbed during regular sessions at the piano
  • to provide support and encouragement
  • to spend time with your child as outlined in the practice guidelines
  • to utilize recommended websites, apps and recordings/youtube with your child


  • to provide a positive atmosphere for learning
  • to be prepared to teach in a clear and concise manner
  • to define goals and evaluate progress with students
  • to be available to answer questions from parents and students
  • to enrich my teaching skills by attending workshops, preparing students for; Guild Auditions, recitals or school events, and reading professional publications

Lessons are held in person or on zoom depending on our health and location.