Sounds of Tahoe


For my youngest students, I use the Music for Little Mozarts curriculum in group classes because it incorporates a basic foundation of movement, singing, crayon time, listening, observing and playing. I encourage my students to notice all the time. I think this freedom of discovery allows them to be comfortable with the class format and allows me to discover more about their learning style.


I believe preschool can be an ideal time to begin formal music lessons for many children. This early start in music provides precious time for significant life experiences with music, allowing students to gain basic piano skills before being taken in too many directions. I have a special connection with 4-6 year olds and love the enthusiasm that young children bring to the process of learning music.  I see preschool music students flourish with experiences of social and emotional connection, cognitive processes, language and literacy as well as physical movement and coordination - all while learning  the language of music and playing the piano!


Contact Miss Elaine to discover if Music for Little Mozarts classes are right for your child and family.